Sunday, 9/24/2017-Rev. Dr. Mitzi Lynton & Zephryn Conte!


Greetings Beloveds,

  Thank you for continuing prayers for 
love and peace to be revealed in our 
world now.  2017 is stretching those 
of us that are global empaths to the 
max. During much of this year you may 
have a question that keeps resurfacing
-- what can I do to bring more 
peace into our world?
I believe one way is by our 
communication. Not only what we say to 
ourselves, but what we say to others 
and how we say it.  Through our words, 
writings, activities on social media, 
and all avenues that we use to 
  All this month we are exploring the 
theme "Peace by Piece." This week 
we continue examining how we can be 
more effective, more powerful, more 
peaceful and more loving communicators. 
We explored several concepts last 
week and there are many more to share. 
Each message, while following the 
monthly theme, stands alone to bring 
practical tools for how each of us 
can be amplifiers of peace.
 I love the precious, sweet, caring, 
authentic community that is Unity of 
Tempe. If you haven't been with us for 
a while, or never attended, please 
come check us out.
 Looking forward to the blessing of 
your presence and the light that each 
of you are in this world.  
Sunday, September 24th at 10 am,
 Zephryn Conte will be with us, too, 

sharing her amazing musical gifts.

Loving you,
 Sundays at 10 am
  ALL are welcome!
 Unity of Tempe Spiritual Center
 1222 E. Baseline Road, Ste 103, 
Tempe, AZ 85283

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