Sunday, June 18th 10:00am – Rev. Mitzi & Zephryn Conte!


Getting Back on Track After a Self-Doubt Attack - Week 3
with Rev. Dr. Mitzi Lynton
Today's Musician:  Zephryn Conte

Greetings Beloveds,
Special Father's Day blessings for this Sunday 
to all the dads, grandads and dads to furry beings. 
May your day be wonder-filled.
This Sunday we continue our June theme of 
Getting Back on Track After a Self-Doubt Attack.
Sometimes our self-doubt brings along 
its unruly cousin, self-sabotage. 

Have you ever felt that you are being 
been held hostage by your inner saboteur? 

You have all these great things you want to accomplish, 
but never finish? Or maybe never even start? 
What would life be like if you could break 
through the bonds that hold you captive? 

That's why this week's message is entitled:


Because with God as your ally, all things are possible! 
Even overcoming the chains of self-sabotaging 
behaviors that prevent you from using all your 
gifts to your highest ability. The gifts you 
have that were meant to be shared with others.
So come join us this Sunday and invite others.
Because self-doubt and self-sabotage do 
not deserve to have the last word. Because you 
are worth it and it's time to shine. 

Sunday, June 18th at 10:00 am
Unity of Tempe
1222 E. Baseline Rd. #103
Tempe, AZ 85283

Blessings of love and peace, Mitzi 
Rev. Dr. Mitzi Lynton 

Today's Musician:  Zephryn Conte!

It's going to be a a magnificent Sunday morning 
at Unity of Tempe. 

Thanks for inviting friends and family to join us. 
Service begins at 10am 

ALL are welcome!

Unity of Tempe Spiritual Center
1222 E. Baseline Road, Tempe, AZ 85283

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